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Search de-identified data from clinic visits at several Harvard-affiliated hospitals. SHRINE

SHRINE Downtime
Please note that SHRINE will be taken down for weekly maintenance each Wednesday from 6am to 9am.

Eligibility: Who May Use SHRINE?

You are eligible to use SHRINE if you meet both the following two criteria:

  1. Employed by one of the participating hospitals:
  2. and

  3. Appointed at Harvard Medical School as Instructor or above, or as Fellow
    • Instructor or above

      If you are a faculty member appointed at or above the level of Instructor, you may both initiate Query Topics and perform queries. You may also invite an eligible fellow employed at your hospital to participate in any approved topic.
    • Fellow

      If you are a fellow, you may perform queries under the sponsorship of an eligible faculty member (Instructor or above) based at the same hospital. Sponsorship means the faculty member sends you a Query Topic Invitation after having initiated and received approval for that topic. When you respond to the faculty sponsor's invitation and confirm your own eligibility, you may then perform queries associated only with that topic.

If you are not employed by a participating hospital, you may access SHRINE data indirectly under the following conditions:

  • Employed by Harvard University (e.g., HMS, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, HBS, FAS, SEAS)
  • Appointed as Instructor or above
  • Collaborate with a hospital-based SHRINE user in the medical specialty of your interest, who must initiate and receive approval for a Query Topic and perform queries on your behalf.

User Registration

Your first step is to register at your hospital, where your employment and appointment will be verified. To be taken to your registration page, visit your hospital's page of this site via the links above and click the Access SHRINE button. Turnaround time for registration varies according to hospital.

Query Topic Approval: Instructor or Above

Your next step, following successful SHRINE registration at your hospital, is to submit your SHRINE Query Topic for review and approval by the SHRINE HMS Data Steward administrator. The Data Steward application can be accessed through the same page you used to register for SHRINE at your hospital.

  • Log in to the Data Steward application with your eCommons ID.
  • On the first screen after login (not shown), click "Create a new Query Topic." On the next screen (shown below), enter a name for your new Query Topic [1], select a general reason from the dropdown menu [2], and provide a short description of the types of queries you would like to perform on that topic (query intent) [3]; then click "Create" [4].
  • Your new Query Topic will now be displayed with the option to edit it. As the person submitting the request, you will automatically be listed as PI.
  • When you have finished entering/editing your new query request, click "Back to topics list." Your new query request will appear in the Owned Query Topics tab (the default view). The Data Steward administrator will review it and contact you if more information is needed. When your Query Topic is approved, you will receive an email notification. To review and/or edit your query request at any time, click on the magnifying glass next to the Query Topic ID number.
  • If you would like to invite any fellow(s) to collaborate in your Query Topic after it is approved, click the magnifying glass to reveal the Topic Description tab. Next, click the Members tab and then the "Invite new member(s)" link (shown below). Then enter the email address(es) of the fellow(s) into the form and click "Invite."
  • Fellows' subsequent steps in the process are described in the section below. For an introduction to performing queries on your approved topic, visit our Tutorials.

Query Topic Invitation: Fellows

The instructions below are a continuation of the example described above. Jane Smith, the study PI, has registered for SHRINE at her own hospital and has received approval from the Data Steward administrator for her Query Topic, "Asthma incidence." She is now sponsoring a fellow at her hospital named Fred Jones.

  • When your faculty sponsor invites you to query an approved topic, you will receive an email from the Data Steward application with a custom link to the login page. When you click this link and log in with your eCommons ID and password, the application first verifies that you are the person invited to participate in the query. Then it checks Harvard Catalyst Profiles to verify your appointment as a fellow, and your employment at the same hospital as your sponsor.
  • Assuming successful login and employment/appointment verification, the Data Steward screen will then present information about the Query Topic and ask you to accept or decline the invitation.
  • Once you accept, the Data Steward application will add you as an authorized user on that Query Topic. You may now visit your hospital's SHRINE home page to log in and perform queries on the approved topic.
  • For an introduction to performing queries on your approved topic, visit our Tutorials.

SHRINE National Pilot

A pilot implementation of SHRINE as a demonstration of the feasibility of a national research network.

Watch Videos

Of leading experts discussing SHRINE at the 2013 conference.

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