Access the resources of four Harvard-affiliated clinical research centers. Protocol Review
At a glance
Key Features
  • Access to free consultation on protocol development and implementation, such as study design, recruitment, regulatory issues, safety monitoring, data acquisition, and inclusion of special populations.
  • Access to fee-based services in the Clinical Research Centers at the Harvard Catalyst Connector sites
Available to
  • Clinical investigators and study staff at any participating Harvard-affiliated institution, including fellows, allied health professionals, and medical and graduate students.

If you need consultation services, please contact the Connector administrative director at your institution:

  • BCH: Hernan Santana (Email)
  • BIDMC: Michelle Beck, MBA (Email)
  • BWH: Yemi Talabi-Oates, MBA (Email)
  • MGH: Lynelle Cortellini (Email)

Request CRC Services (Protocol Review)
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The Connector Protocol Review Application is a web-based tool that allows investigators to submit requests for fee-based, in- and outpatient services. Investigators from any Harvard-affiliated institution may apply for services at one or more of the participating Clinical Research Centers.

After the application is submitted, the administrative, nursing, and metabolism & nutrition research staff at each institution where resources are requested review it to determine the feasibility and costs of conducting the study. If necessary, the application is then reviewed by two scientific reviewers selected from appropriate disciplines, who evaluate the scientific merit of the study.

For Scientific Reviewer:
Reviewers can login here.

Please note that proposals for investigator-initiated studies, funded or unfunded and without previous peer review in NIH format, must include a letter from a biostatistician stating that s/he has reviewed the project and finds it acceptable. The Harvard Catalyst Biostatistical Consulting service may be used for this.

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This application covers resource review and scientific review only. Institutional Review Board (IRB) review is a separate process, and is handled by the respective IRBs at each institution or through the SMART IRB Reliance Request process. IRB review may occur before, at the same time as, or after the scientific and resource review, depending on the institution(s) involved. Regulatory Atlas provides information on IRB and other regulatory processes.

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Biostatistical Consulting

The Harvard Catalyst Biostatistical Consulting service can provide a letter from a biostatistician that may be required for your application.