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Login Help for External Contributors not Affiliated with Harvard University

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Why is login sometimes required?

Harvard Catalyst endeavors to provide public access to as much of its website as possible. Certain sections of the Harvard Catalyst website do require users to log in - for example, when information is intended to be shared internally within the Harvard Catalyst community or to allow for user contributions like editing one's Harvard Catalyst Profile, or applying for funding or training.

How do I obtain login credentials?

If you are not affiliated with Harvard or Harvard Medical School and believe you have a business need to gain access as an external contributor, you can request an HMS eCommons Guest Account. For example, a business need might be to apply for an offering for which you meet the eligibility requirements. To obtain an eCommons Guest Account, contact your counterpart within Harvard Medical School to initiate the process. If you are unsure who your counterpart is or do not have one, you may contact someone at the program you are interested in. Program contacts are indicated in the left navigation menu of each service offered via the Harvard Catalyst website.

Example programs you may contact:
Education Program
KL2/Catalyst Medical Research Investigator Training
Pilot Funding

(Please note: The HMS eCommons ID is the login for the Harvard Medical School network, and is not the same as the NIH eRA Commons ID.)

If you're having technical difficulties, you may contact Harvard Catalyst website technical support by filling out the Feedback webform.