A 2-year Masters training program in biomedical informatics research. Biomedical Informatics Master of Medical Sciences
At a glance
Opportunity for
  • One year full time master's program for 4th year medical students, postdoctoral researchers, and clinicians seeking to strengthen their skills in informatics through research and didactic training
  • Postdoctoral students who recognize the relevance of informatics to their research
  • MDs who are interested in qualifying for the subspecialty in clinical informatics
  • Medical students who would like to take a research year during their training to explore the importance of informatics in the practice of medicine
Time commitment
  • One year full time, two years part time, 36 credits total

The Master in Biomedical Informatics program at Harvard Medical School provides the intellectual framework for clinicians and biomedical scientists in the systematic and sound use of quantitative methods to increase agility with such methods in their respective domains. The program includes an intensive, hands-on quantitative boot camp, a range of foundational courses, and courses in emerging areas such as precision medicine, data science, and data visualization. All students are expected to complete a capstone research project and to participate in a longitudinal seminar series.

Please contact Aimee Smith for further information, including tuition costs and admission procedures.