Connecting investigators with medical imaging experts. Imaging Facilitation
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Facilitation services
  • Facilitate the interaction between investigators and imaging experts
  • Provide career guidance for investigators in the areas of biomedical imaging
  • Identify imaging facilities
  • Clinical and translational investigators in the Harvard University community (faculty, fellows, and graduate & medical students)
  • Free
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Welcome to Imaging Facilitation, a service of the Harvard Catalyst Innovation and Implementation Program. The Facilitation Service is designed to connect clinical and translational investigators to imaging experts for advice and potential collaborations in medical imaging research. The Facilitation Service has access to faculty across the Harvard affiliated medical centers with expertise in study design, conventional and advanced medical imaging acquisition, image analysis, and data interpretation.

Imaging Facilitation Form

To request the service, please complete and submit this web form.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of facilitation is available?
We will work with investigators to address individual needs and connect them with appropriate imaging experts for collaborative assistance with the design and planning of medical imaging research.

2. Who is eligible to receive facilitation services?
Facilitation is available for clinical and translational investigators in the Harvard University community (graduate & medical students, fellows, and faculty members).

3. What kind of facilitation is not available?
Harvard Catalyst facilitators are not generally available or appropriate as key personnel on projects. Although they can assist in the identification of appropriately trained individuals to provide a wide variety of support, facilitators will not provide:

  • ongoing support for the implementation of new studies or the analysis of data from existing studies.
  • in-depth analysis of data. For example, assistance regarding substantial statistical services (power calculations, data analysis, etc.) should be obtained through the CTSC Biostatistics consultation service.

4. What costs are associated with facilitation?
Facilitation is provided free of charge to Harvard investigators.

5. How do I request the Facilitation service?
To initiate the Facilitation service, complete and submit the Imaging Facilitation Form (web form). After your request is submitted, you will be contacted to clarify the nature of your request.

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