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Advice on biostatistical topics related to clinical & translational research. Biostatistical Consulting
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Consultations offered include
  • IRB and grant submission/resubmission
  • Protocol review
  • Feasibility
  • Analysis planning & advice
  • Manuscript reviewer response
  • Free
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IMPORTANT: We are currently experiencing intermittent errors with our Consultation Request Form. If you encounter a problem, please contact us for assistance.

Note: Currently, highest priority is given to COVID-19 related biostatistics consult requests; our responsiveness to other consult requests may be somewhat delayed as a result.

The Harvard Catalyst Biostatistical Consulting Program, funded by the National Institutes of Health, supports Harvard postdoctoral and faculty investigators undertaking clinical and translational research. Drawing on a team of highly skilled biostatisticians from the Harvard academic medical and hospital community, the program offers consultations and expertise on a range of relevant areas to researchers as they launch new clinical and translation projects. The program also promotes the development and mentoring of Harvard Catalyst biostatisticians, as well as biostatistical training for clinical investigators.

Statistical services focus on clinical and translational projects in the early stages of development. Typical consultations are between 1-3 hours, rarely exceed 10 hours, and include the following:

  • Grant submission/resubmission
  • IRB submission
  • Protocol review
  • Design for non-grant project/feasibility consultation
  • Analysis planning and advice
  • Assistance with response to a manuscript/journal reviewer Reporting

The Biostatistics program now also provides assistance with reporting results to To request help, when submitting your consultation request form, indicate your needs as " results reporting."

Biostatistical Consultation Form

To request a Harvard Catalyst biostatistical consultation, please complete and submit this webform.

Please request a consultation well before your deadline. Your request may be refused if there is insufficient time to provide useful advice.

To learn about educational opportunities in biostatistics, including colloquia and seminars, please visit the Biostatistics Training page and the Biostatistics Continuing Education page.

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Pilot Grant Applicants

The Biostatistical Consulting Program offers free consultations to postdoctoral and faculty investigators applying for Harvard Catalyst Pilot Grants.

Biostatistics Software Repositories

Repositories provides researchers with free, open-source tools necessary to complete basic statistical analysis.