A workshop series on how to efficiently manage and analyze sequencing data. Bioinformatics Workshops
At a glance
Opportunity for
  • Researchers who would like to learn how to efficiently manage and analyze sequencing data.
  • MD, DNP, PhD or equivalent, DDS/DMD
  • Receipt of endorsement from an applicant's supervisor stating the applicant will be able to attend all days of the workshop.
  • Some workshops have additional prerequisites.
Time commitment
  • Varies
Funding level
  • Tuition-free
Current Opportunities
  • Please check back for future opportunities.

High-throughput sequencing techniques can rapidly provide a global picture of the processes within cells, allowing for accelerated discoveries in biology. As sequencing technologies improve and the costs decline, learning how to analyze and handle these large datasets has become imperative for researchers in biology and medicine.

Bioinformatics workshops are designed for researchers working with, or planning to work with, sequencing data. Each of these workshops will address some or all of the following:

  • experimental design for sequencing experiments
  • analysis methods
  • best practices for sequencing analysis
  • computational skills

Harvard Catalyst currently offers the following bioinformatics workshops in collaboration with the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core:

  • Introduction to RNA-Seq Analysis
  • Introduction to UNIX and RNA-Seq analysis
  • Introduction to R Workshop