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Patient Innovation Initiative

Harvard Catalyst — Reactor will launch a new initiative focused on patient innovation. This initiative will pair patient- and caregiver-derived solutions with biomedical investigators to develop innovative tools to benefit the patients, their disease communities, and others with similar needs.

Based on the pioneering work of Pedro Oliveira, and working in consultation with his non-profit organization Patient Innovation, this initiative is in the early stages of:

  • Reaching out to patient communities to identify innovative prototypes and insights
  • Learning best practices for pairing labs and prototypes
  • Driving ongoing contact between patients and biomedical innovators to develop novel solutions.

As the initiative develops, Reactor will accelerate the development of promising ideas by providing pilot grant funding and program management.

Watch a video of Robohand — A 3D-printed thermoplastic mechanical hand.

For more information, or to contribute your ideas and input on this initiative, please email us.

Creating from Necessity: The Value of Patient Invention

Read about Harvard Catalyst's initial meeting in April 2017 [PDF]