Supporting innovation and teams in diagnostics, prevention, biomarkers, and therapeutics. Reactor: Accelerating Clinical and Translational Research

Program Services

  • Launch challenges for the pan-Harvard community to identify gaps and opportunities and prioritize solutions in Clinical & Translational (C/T) research.

  • Provide incentives and awards to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and team building.

  • Establish and grow C/T research communities.

  • Make available project management expertise, skills development, mentorship, and fiscal resources to promising teams, projects, and programs.

  • Offer project launch strategies and support.

Launched in April 2013, Reactor convenes cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional teams and communities, providing support to expedite C/T research. Reactor helps facilitate skills development, team building, mentoring, funding, and identifies external resources, allowing investigators and teams to translate clinical discoveries. Our ultimate goal is to leverage these discoveries to impact patient care through the development, testing, and adoption of novel prevention strategies, diagnostics, therapeutics, and biomarkers. The result: innovation in clinical and translational research methods and the incorporation of new technologies to improve patient healthcare.

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