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Type2 DiabetesNew uses for available drugs: Anti-inflammatories and diabetes.

New uses for available drugs: Anti-inflammatories and diabetes.

Researcher: Allison Goldfine, MD

Affiliation: Joslin Diabetes Center

Title: Head, Section of Clinical Research Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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Research Summary:
Dr. Goldfine conducts Phase II and III clinical studies of drugs for diabetes, and is probing links between diabetes, obesity, and inflammation.


What type of research do you do?

There are many projects ongoing within my laboratory right now. Some of them are much more clinically oriented. Some of them are more basic to early physiology-oriented… We have other projects that are based really on important observations within cells or animal models, and we ask, "Are these actually relevant in people?"

Can you provide an example?

I work very closely with several basic scientists here at the Joslin Diabetes Center who have been studying mechanisms of obesity-mediated disease and how that may link to the development of type II diabetes.

What is the strategy for your current T2 research?

We're taking an existing compound and trying to ask if there's a new indication for it. So, we actually don't need to go through first-in-human studies or pharmacokinetic profiling and can move straight to the question, "Does it improve a measure of blood sugar or insulin secretion or insulin action in a population that we think it's appropriate for?"

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