Forsyth Seminar Series: Tregs and Periodontal Disease: From Regulatory and Migratory Mechanisms to Therapeutic Opportunities – September 14, 2012

The Forsyth Institute presents a seminar by:

Gustavo Garlet, DDS, MSc, PhD
Associated Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
School of Dentistry of Bauru

While the mechanisms involved in periodontal destruction by inflammatory cytokines are well known, regulatory mechanisms involved in the control of periodontitis remain elusive. In periodontitis, regulatory T cells (Tregs) appear as a T helper subset potentially involved in disease outcome. Dr. Garlet’s group recently demonstrated the presence of Tregs in diseased periodontal tissue, and has found a role for Tregs in experimental disease outcome. Together with this data, unpublished results describing the mechanisms involved in the migration of Tregs to periodontal tissues will be discussed, as well the opportunities for the therapeutic manipulation of this system. Also, the possible role of distinct classes of oral bacteria in the modulation of Tregs system in periodontal environment will be presented.

When:   September 14, 2012 at 12:00pm
Where:  The Forsyth Institute
               17th Floor, Seminar Room A
               245 First Street
               Cambridge, MA 02142

For more information, please email Pam Quattrocchi, or call 617-892-8604.