Funding Harvard Catalyst offers pilot grants to Harvard investigators who need seed funds for early stage research anywhere along the translational spectrum, Funding from basic/preclinical investigation to practice- or population-based research.

Roadmap to a Successful Grant

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How do I:

Find the funding I need to gather preliminary data?
  • Consider applying for a Harvard Catalyst Pilot Grant.
Identify researchers with whom to collaborate?
  • Harvard Catalyst Profiles lets you search across multiple Harvard faculties and all of the affiliated hospitals for investigators who share your research interests.
  • The Consulting Services can assist you in identifying potential collaborators.
Get advice on grant development?
  • Check the Advanced Curriculum Compendium for grant-writing courses.
  • Request a consultation from one of the Consulting Services. Some of the services are available to help with grant development, particularly for investigators applying for a Harvard Catalyst Pilot Grant.

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