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Education & Training - Learning Overview In keeping with its core educational mission, Harvard Catalyst offers dozens of online and in-person courses and training programs, ranging from short courses on translational and clinical research to multiyear advanced education and training programs. Education & Training - Business School Students In addition, the Advanced Curriculum Compendium helps you find nearly 300 advanced research courses offered by Harvard-affiliated schools and academic healthcare centers.

Clinical and translational research is characterized by a spectrum of activities where critical insights are passed between research modalities so that biomedical discoveries can lead to tangible improvements in human health. Watch this video to learn more about the T1-T4 spectrum.

How do I:

Find introductory courses to get started in translational and clinical research?
Identify advanced courses on specific topics?
Find courses on topics related to career development?
Find funded training opportunities (e.g., fellowships)?
Learn about regulatory requirements and the IRB review process?
Earn a Harvard Catalyst Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research?
Find courses designed to address research assistant and study staff needs?
  • Please see your local institutional offerings.

Elements of Grant Writing

Tips and work plans for the grant writing process.

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