Course Dates:

Course Dates:

This course runs twice per year in the spring and fall. For details on the next iteration of this course, please visit the overview page.

Course Website

Course Website

When registered for the course, you will be provided a personalized username and password that allows you to sign-in.


Course Director:

Ilsa Webeck, MBA | Managing Director & Founder, Med Tech Strategies, LLC

Course Topics

Getting Started
1 week

Course Introduction
Module 1: Medical Device Development Canvas, Pitch & Executive Summary
Module 2: Waterfall Model

1 week

Module 3: Problem/Solution Board, Unique Value Proposition
Module 4: Intellectual Property Protection

1 week

Module 5: Market Landscape
1 week

Module 6: Customers and Collaborators
Module 7: Financial Considerations

1 week

Participant Expectations

Participants can expect to complete up to three hours per week of online coursework- including watching videos and completing assignments.

Participants are required to attend the three-day in-person sessions.

This course does not offer CME credit.

Completing the Course

Each participant is eligible for a verified certificate of achievement and digital credentials upon completion of the course. Eligibility is contingent upon attendance, participation, and completing the end of course survey.

Completion of the course includes the following:

  • Watching all videos for the course
  • Participating in group discussions and live in-person session activities
  • Completing the post-course survey