Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many people will be participating in TRANSCEND?
A: TRANSCEND is limited to 30 participants.

Q: Will there be people who are not involved in TRANSCEND in the conference space?
A: There may be attendees from other organizations using conference space at the Babson Executive Conference Center. We will use a mix of breakout rooms and practice social distancing whenever possible.

Q: Are the rooms single occupancy?
A: Yes, they are single occupancy.

Q: Are masks mandatory?
A: Masks are mandatory. We will provide extra masks on-site.

Q: Will there be Covid testing on-site?
A: Upon arrival, participants, presenters, and Harvard Catalyst staff will be required to test for Covid, regardless of vaccination status, free of cost.

Q: If I test positive, will there be space provided for me to isolate?
A: In-state participants who test positive for Covid will be asked to return home to isolate. Out-of-state participants will be able to stay at Babson Executive Conference Center until the close of TRANSCEND on Wednesday May 18, 2022. They must remain isolated in their room, and meals will be delivered to their door. After May 18, anyone in isolation will need to make other arrangements for accommodations.

Q: What if a session is canceled due to Covid?
A: If a presenter tests positive for Covid, or needs to quarantine due to being exposed, their session will be held virtually once they are well. Access to the recording will be available on the TRANSCEND course site.

Q: Does Massachusetts have quarantine protocols in place?
A: For the latest information on Covid protocols in Massachusetts, visit