Course Goals

  • Understand why industries fund research
  • Understand how industries fund research
  • Learn how to find and apply for industry funding that fits your needs
  • Know how to cultivate and maintain industry relationships in attaining funding

Designed as an introduction to industry funding mechanisms, this online course will focus on acquiring industry funding and the unique aspects of this process. The course, formerly known as Funding Your Research: Industry, will specifically highlight and differentiate between investigator-initiated research (IIR) and industry-sponsored research (ISR) initiatives, networking, mentorship, and communication.

Course participants will receive helpful tips and hints from members of both academia and industry on how to engage with industry and succeed in obtaining funding to further research endeavors.

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Session dates

August 11 – November 3, 2021

Time commitment

Online course work/assignments require an average of two to three hours per week over nine weeks

Application due

August 6, 2021 at 5:00pm ET


Investigators with little or no experience in obtaining industry funding


MD, PhD, DMD, ScD, DNP, or degree equivalent to doctorate or master’s, or involvement in a grant-writing team


Free for Harvard-affiliated institutions

Non-CTSA member: $600.00

CTSA member: $450.00

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    • Countries with GNI below $13,000
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The registration process will open on May 26, 2021.