“The CT Academy is a stellar program for rising clinical and translational investigators. It is run by expert investigators who have developed a curriculum emphasizing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a research career. For those with these aspirations, I cannot recommend it enough.”

Hanny Al-Samkari, MD
2021 Awardee

“The CT Academy program was a wonderful supplement to my academic development years. The lectures provided great introductions to relevant topics, the faculty were engaging and my classmates were wonderful. I will cherish the friends I’ve made and look forward to seeing everyone’s careers develop”

Taylor Coe, MD
2021 Awardee

“This program provided a foundation for study design and grant applications so I could submit a Doris Duke clinical scientist development award.”

Margo Nathan, MD
2017 Awardee

“This program opened my eyes to different options and gave me additional contacts in several fields.”

Cynthia Gubbels, MD, PhD
2016 Awardee

“This program helped launch my research career by giving me a foundation in stats and research methods and helped me understand the research landscape.”

Deborah Forst, MD
2015 Awardee


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