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A curated list of research resources around guidelines, policies, and procedures related to COVID-19, drawn from Harvard University, affiliated academic healthcare centers, and government funding agencies

Consulting & Advice

Consulting & Advice - Genetics Consulting Lab Harvard Catalyst offers several expert advising services for clinical and translational investigators, ranging from general guidance on research design to consultations in areas like bioinformatics and biostatistics. These sources of advice and consultation areConsulting & Advice - Programs Overview MGH free to the Harvard research community, including faculty members, clinical and postdoctoral fellows, regardless of degree or institutional affiliation.

How do I:

Request a consultation?
  • Harvard Catalyst offers consultations in several clinical and translational research domains. Visit the consulting service page of interest and click the "Request Consultation" link.
Learn more about the consultants who participate in the services?
  • Each service lists its consultants. Click the Harvard Catalyst Profiles, Website, or Biosketch link under each consultant's name to learn more about his/her expertise.
Find out the specific kinds of advice offered by the Consultation Services?
  • Visit each consultation service page for a full description of the kinds of advice it offers.
Get advice on grant development?
  • Check out LearnResearch for grant-writing courses.
  • Request a consultation from one of the Consulting Services. Some of the services are available to help with grant development, particularly for investigators applying for a Harvard Catalyst Pilot Grant.
Find investigators with whom to collaborate?
  • Our Consulting Services may help you identify potential collaborators or mentors in their specific areas of expertise.
  • Perform a keyword search in Harvard Catalyst Profiles to identify investigators who have expertise and knowledge in your area of interest.
Find a core facility offering services in one of these fields?
  • The Consulting Services can help you find facilities supporting the technologies and techniques you require.
  • The Core Facilities tool lets you browse and search a database of facilities located at Harvard schools and affiliated academic healthcare centers.

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