Request single or consolidated IRB review for a multi-site study. IRB Cede Review Request
At a glance
Key Features
  • Request that one IRB review proposed multi-site clinical protocols on behalf of all involved IRBs
  • Request single IRB review when adding new site(s) to existing protocols
Useful for
  • Reducing the complexity of the IRB review process for multi-site clinical research.
Available to
  • Clinical investigators and study staff
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The Harvard Catalyst Regulatory Foundations, Ethics, and Law Program and institutional review boards (IRBs) covering 24 Harvard Catalyst-participating institutions developed the Cede Review Form to help facilitate multi-site human studies. The form may be used for any multi-site studies which involve at least one Harvard Catalyst participating institution.

Each participating IRB makes the decision on a protocol-by-protocol basis whether to rely on the review of another IRB (to cede the review) on a study or to conduct its own full review.

In order to request ceded review, investigators must complete and submit a Cede Review Form prior to submitting their IRB application.

When to use this form

  • Investigators should use this form before submission of an IRB application but after their research plans have been finalized.
  • For research that has previously been reviewed and approved, this form may also be used to request review by a single IRB by adding a new site to an existing protocol.

Note that if your computer remains idle for more than 59 minutes while you are completing the Cede Review Form, your data will be lost. You will have the option to save your work at any time and continue later.

We suggest compiling the following required information before filling out the form:

  • Your HMS eCommons ID and password or Harvard PIN. Investigators can only access the Cede Review Form using their eCommons or Harvard PIN credentials. Need help?
  • The name of the center where the overall principal investigator (PI) is "primarily employed." Although investigators may have appointments at multiple institutions, they are usually considered an "employee" or a "workforce member" of only one institution. The institution from which the Overall PI receives his/her paycheck is generally considered the institution of primary employment. For Harvard University employees, this would be the school at which their primary appointment is held.
  • Which IRB is being requested to review and the reason(s) why.
  • Title and brief description of your research.
  • The sites where the research will be conducted.
  • The activities which will be conducted at each site.
  • The contact information for the site investigators.
  • The names of the other research personnel at each site who will work on the proposed study.
  • If this research has already been approved by an IRB, the protocol's IRB approval number.
  • Your funding information.

Video: Blast Trauma and Ear-related Injuries Examined in Multisite Study

Boston Marathon bombing victims participate in a three-year hearing study, thanks to the Harvard Catalyst IRB Cede Review Request System.

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