A course series to help C/T researchers utilize imaging technology. Advanced Imaging for Clinical/Translational Researchers
At a glance
Opportunity for
  • Courses in advanced imaging modalities to help clinical and translational researchers utilize imaging technology in their research
Ideal candidates will:
  • be members of (in the order of preferential acceptance)
    • Harvard or a Harvard-affiliated institution
    • a Massachusetts CTSA
    • a national CTSA
    • a national academic institution, or regulatory agency
    • a pharma-biotech company
  • have an MD, DMD, PharmD, or PhD and be poised to begin, or currently be actively engaged in basic or clinical research.
Current Opportunities
  • Please check back for future opportunities.

The Advanced Imaging course series is designed to assist clinical and translational investigators in (1) understanding more fully how various imaging modalities can be used to enhance their own research, and (2) introducing clinical and translational researchers to members of the imaging community in the Harvard network with whom they can collaborate. This series of courses will address CT, PET, and optical imaging through cardiovascular, neuroscience, and oncology topics, which will each be addressed consecutively over the three-day course.