Creating an undergraduate & graduate clinical & translational research pipeline. Undergraduate & Graduate Education in C/T Science Program

Program Services

  • Doctoral Programs

    • Leder Human Biology and Translational Medicine Program

      Graduate students in any of the Harvard Integrated Life Sciences PhD programs are eligible to participate in this intensive, interdisciplinary program in human biology and translational medicine. The program includes core courses in translational medicine, cellular metabolism and human disease, human pathology, human physiology, and human pharmacology. Students also engage in longitudinal clinical experiences and paracurricular activities in translational medicine and career development.

  • Undergraduate Programs

    • Harvard College Undergraduate Courses and Research Opportunities

      Advanced Harvard College undergraduates are eligible to enroll in two cross-campus courses offered through the Leder Human Biology and Translational Medicine Program: BCMP/MCB 234, Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease; and BCMP/MCB 235, Principles of Human Disease: Physiology and Pharmacology. These courses use innovative large-group and small-group teaching formats to address topics across the spectrum of human biology and translational medicine, focusing on biochemical, physiological, and pathophysiological pathways involved in human disease and on pharmacologic interventions used to treat disease.

    • The Harvard College Program for Research in Science and Engineering (PRISE)

      PRISE establishes a stimulating, collegial, and diverse residential community for Harvard undergraduates engaged in summer research at Harvard in life science, physical science, applied science, mathematics, and engineering. Participating faculty include those in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and at Harvard Medical School, the Harvard School of Public Health, affiliated research institutes and hospitals, and other academic and administrative units throughout the University. Participation in PRISE includes housing in one of the Harvard College residences, partial board, free shuttle service for those working in the Longwood Medical Area, and evening programming that includes distinguished scholars talking about their research and a variety of workshops on such topics as fundamentals in laboratory training and preparing for scientific presentations.

The Undergraduate and Graduate Education Program in Clinical and Translational Science creates opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain education and experience in clinical and translational science. Specifically, the program:

  • Establishes infrastructure to coordinate, integrate, and oversee clinical and translational educational and training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the Harvard system
  • Integrates clinical and translational research educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students across the University, develops new programs to fill gaps, and builds a community of trainees and investigators
  • Ensures integrated, individualized, and continuous career development and mentoring for undergraduate and graduate students in clinical and translational research throughout Harvard

This program works closely with the Postgraduate Education Program in Clinical and Translational Science to enhance and integrate clinical and translational research education across the training spectrum from undergraduate to senior faculty, ensuring integrated career development and mentoring for all clinical and translational research trainees, and providing mentorship for junior faculty.