Develop cutting-edge research to understand and eliminate health disparities. Health Disparities Research Program

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The Health Disparities Research Program increases the prominence and impact of research on health disparities at Harvard. The program promotes new collaborative research, education, and training opportunities in the biomedical, clinical, and social sciences to address racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and other disparities in health and health care. The program facilitates Harvard-wide research on health disparities through research and methods seminars, personalized consultations, networking events, and transdisciplinary condition-specific symposia. The program also provides training and mentorship opportunities for junior faculty, fellows, and students interested in health disparities research. The Health Disparities Research Program works to increase the local and national impact of health disparities research by creating collaborations with local and national clinical and translational science centers and community partners.

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Read The Huffington Post blog "Sleep Apnea and Poverty: How Socioeconomics Impacts Proper Diagnosis And Treatment" co-authored by program co-director Michelle A. Williams, ScD.