Delirium Scientific Symposium

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
8:15am – 11:00am
Bornstein Amphitheatre
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
75 Francis Street, Boston

The SAGES study (Successful Aging after Elective Surgery) invites you to a Delirium Scientific Symposium at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.  SAGES is a Program Project Funded by the NIH which seeks to elucidate novel risk markers for delirium and to examine the contribution of delirium to long-term cognitive and functional decline.

8:15-9:15am, Joint General Surgery-Anesthesia-Orthopedics Grand Rounds

  • Perioperative Cognitive Change: Delirium, POCD, and a Little Dementia. Jeffrey Silverstein, MD, Professor, Mount Sinai Medical Center

9:30-11:00am, Scientific Symposium

  • Delirium Overview: Diagnosis, Risk Factors, Prognosis. Sharon K. Inouye, MD, MPH
  • Delirium Recognition: Identification of Key Elements. Richard N. Jones, ScD
  • Adverse Long-Term Outcomes Associated with Delirium in Alzheimer’s Patients. Tamara G. Fong, MD, PhD
  • Post-Operative Cognitive Trajectory Following Delirium. Jane S. Saczynski, PhD
  • Prevention and Treatment of Delirium. Edward R. Marcantonio, MD, SM

No fee or registration required. All are welcome.

For information: E-mail or call 617-971-5390.

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